In 2020, building up of the sectoral integrator in business area “Energy Storages” was completed. LLC RENERA (part of Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL) has become such sectoral integrator.

The main product range, which is developed and promoted by the company-integrator includes lithium-ion traction batteries for electric transport and fixed systems for energy accumulation as well as products for emergency and uninterruptible power supply and storage systems for renewables. In the end of 2020 the sectoral integrator launched new pilot production of energy storages at JSC MZP (Moscow).

The development of energy storages based on lithium-ion batteries (LIB) is one of the promising areas in power engineering, electrical engineering and electric transport. Lithium-ion batteries have a number of advantages as compared with lead-acid, alkaline and helium alternatives by providing the customer with operational and economic efficiency. They have longer service life (up to 10 years), do not have the “memory effect” and can be recharged in any convenient time, which reduces downtime of equipment. Energy storages based on LIB are leaktight, do not require servicing and separate room for recharging that frees rooms and personnel.

Since 2018 LLC RENERA has built cooperation with partners both inside and outside the sector. The integrator’s portfolio contains more than 120 projects on supply of lithium-ion batteries which are being implemented and completed. Mainly, they are traction batteries for logistic electric transport, operative direct current systems, large power energy storages placed on sites of large industrial facilities. In particular, the cooperation with foreign producers of electrical machinery is actively developing: in 2020 a contract was signed with Balkancar, which is the leading European producer of special-purpose machinery.

LLC RENERA’s specialists are ready to project on the turn-key basis: from the feasibility study up to training of servicing and operating personnel, and issue maintenance warranty for up to five years. The company is ready to fulfill customer-tailored requirements regarding technical parameters as well as offer flexible cooperation conditions and formats: concession, leasing and lifecycle contracts. “We already completed the first concession project and intend to start supplies in leasing,” General Director of LLC RENERA Emin Askerov noted.