ROSATOM's interest in innovations goes beyond the nuclear field – we are active in developing carbon fibre composite materials containing 92–99.99% of carbon. When compared to conventional construction materials (aluminium, steel, etc.), carbon fibre composites boast extremely high ratings for material strength, fatigue resistance, elasticity modulus, chemical and corrosion resistance – many times higher than the equivalent steel properties, while weighing much less. We are now able to produce carbon composites that are 10 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel. These materials are essential in load bearing structures where it is critical to increase strength while reducing weight. Polymer composites are widely used in the aerospace, nuclear, automotive, construction, and ship building industries, as well as for the construction of bridges and pipelines.


NPK Khimprominzhiniring, JSC (a brand of UMATEX Group), a management company comprising an R&D centre and enterprises manufacturing high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibres (CF) and CF fabrics, was set up to form a market of composite materials in Russia.


The following entities make up UMATEX Group:

  • Management Company NPK Khimprominzhiniring, JSC (Moscow);
  • R&D centre (Moscow) - the centre is involved in developing and integrating technologies for obtaining PAN precursor and carbon fiber;
  • ALABUGA-FIBRE, LLC (Elabuga, Republic of Tatarstan) - a state-of-the-art plant manufacturing carbon fiber in the special economic zone, Alabuga. The capacity of the line producing carbon fiber of different grades amounts to more than 1,400 tonnes per year. The plant was officially opened in May of 2015;
  • Argon, LLC (Balakovo, Saratov Region) - a plant producing carbon fiber for different industries;
  • ZUKM, LLC (Chelyabinsk) - a plant producing carbon-based composites, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, heat insulating carbon materials.

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