Rosatom Group of companies specializing in nuclear maintenance and repair provide reactor modernization, uprate and life extension services, and produced customized machinery and equipment for such projects. 

Atomenergoremont (a subsidiary of Rosenergoatom) acts as a general contractor in nuclear station maintenance and repair projects. As of today, it accounts for over 70% of all the Group’s maintenance projects at Russian nuclear plants and nuclear facilities abroad (Bulgaria and Iran) and employs more than 7,700 people. Its on-site offices are located at nine out of 10 nuclear stations operating in Russia. AtomEnergoRemont is capable of carrying out a broad range of design, repair and installation activities that meet the highest technology and safety requirements.

Atomtechenergo, another subsidiary of Rosenergoatom, is an engineering company specializing in nuclear reactor tests and commissioning, as well as staff training for nuclear stations in Russia and abroad. Established in 1983, the company has a head office and an engineering center in Moscow and a regional network of eight local offices. Six of them provide reactor commissioning services while the other two train and license operational staff for nuclear stations.

Atomtechenergo has taken part in the commissioning of 23 nuclear reactors in Russia and 20 nuclear reactors abroad and is currently involved in a number of commissioning projects with over 2,300 employees working on site. In 2014, AtomTechEnergo also commissioned five thermal power units (two pulverized coal fired boilers, two gas turbines and a combined cycle power unit). More than 49,000 employees from Russia and over 5,000 employees from China (Tianwan), Czech Republic (Temelin and Dukovany), Bulgaria (Kozloduy), India (Kudankulam), Slovakia (Bohunice), Germany (Greifswald), Finland (Loviisa) and Hungary (Paks) have been trained at Atomtechenergo. Its education center has launched a training program for employees of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, now under construction, and is preparing to meet trainees from Finland, Hungary, Bangladesh, Egypt and other countries.

Since ROSATOM is a global company operating in many countries, its international service business is growing in importance. Established four years ago, Rusatom Service provides maintenance and repair services to VVER-based nuclear stations overseas. Being a part of Rosatom's electric power division, the company is present on 11 local markets and maintains over 20 reactor units by now. Rusatom Service has leading positions in Armenia, Bulgaria, and China where it acts as a general contractor in life extension, preventive maintenance and equipment upgrade projects at VVER-based nuclear stations. Its portfolio of international contracts exceeds USD 460 million. In particular, the company signed a contract to retrofit generators at Kozloduy Unit 5 (Bulgaria) in September 2015 and a framework agreement with Paks (Hungary) a month later to supply machinery and components for the repair and modernization of four operating units of the Hungarian nuclear station. Rosatom's international service business will further expand as more power reactors are brought online and framework service agreements are made with international customers.

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