ROSATOM operates as a socially responsible company. Following the tradition that has formed in nuclear power industry ROSATOM is consistently performing the charity function.

The charity activity of ROSATOM includes:
- aid upon requests of local authorities, physical persons, including assistance in improvement of medical aid quality and non-financial participation;
- implementation of initiatives on preservation and augmentation of the historic and cultural heritage of Russia;
- implementation of educational initiatives and maintenance of project activities of educational establishments;
- support to initiatives on development of children and mass-scale amateur sports, promotion of healthy lifestyles;
- assistance in implementation of initiatives on culture and moral up-bringing of the youth;
- personal aid to veterans, disabled, orphans and people who find themselves in hardships; and
- support of measures in the field of patriotic up-bringing and donations to carry out ceremonies tied up to memorable dates.

In 2010, ROSATOM approved “Methodological Recommendations on Charity”. They serve as the basis for building up the charity policy of all sectoral enterprises.

The Charity Committee has been established to ensure uniformity of approaches to carrying out charity activity by all ROSATOM’s organizations. It includes representatives of the leading divisions of ROSATOM in key areas of activity as well as the largest sectoral organizations. The ROSATOM Charity Committee considers and makes decisions on support of projects of international, national, regional and local levels.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

«ROSATOM’s Territory of Culture» Program