The «ROSATOM’s Territory of Culture» Program is a multi-year regional project of ROSATOM aimed at familiarizing the population of nuclear territories with the best patterns of performance, fine and theater arts as well as supporting on-stage performance groups of nuclear host cities. The program has been implemented since 2006.

The program is called for to solve the following tasks: building up a balanced development model of culture, i.e. the ratio of tasks set forth by the state towards the culture (bringing up a moral citizen) and development of service businesses (business projects in the area of culture); building up the culture of achievements in nuclear cities; and involvement of all population strata in large-scale cultural projects.

The program is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The first culture cooperation agreement was signed by Director of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency Sergei Kirienko and Minister of Culture of Russia Aleksandr Sokolov in Zarechny in November 2006. In the framework of the program 1,100 events has been organized just in the first 10 years of the program implementation.

Exhibitions and educational projects, library summits, summer creative schools for students of art schools and other events are organized in the framework of the program. Many of them are aimed at supporting local initiatives called for to support interest of closed cities’ townsfolk in art. Methodological assistance is rendered to culture departments and establishments to reform their activity to meet economic conditions proposed by the state.

Seminars are organized for groups of professionals (museums, libraries, child institutions of additional education) aimed at developing uniform directions of their work and searching for ways of solving arising problems.


Liaison with regions